Seafront Restaurants to Love in Ixia, Rhodes

The lovely island of Rhodes, in the middle of Greece, Europe, is a dream place for anyone who loves food. With its clean beaches and blue waters, the island has great places to eat, especially in the nice town of Ixia. The cool beachside restaurants in Ixia mix pretty views with great food, making it a must-go vaycay spot for food fans. You can try local Rhodes food or different foods from around the world, the restaurants in Ixia Rhodes have something for everyone’s taste.

Going on a Food Adventure at Atrium Platinum Hotel Restaurants

The Atrium Platinum Hotel is indeed a notable establishment in Ixia, Rhodes, housing a collection of luxury restaurants that offer a wide array of culinary delights. Here’s a detailed breakdown based on the information gathered:

Location and Address:

  • Hotel Address: Atrium Platinum Illiados Street, Ixia Bay, 85100, Rhodes, Greece​​.
  • Contact: +30 22410 44901, Email:​​.

Restaurant Offerings:

Porfyra Restaurant:

  • Cuisine: Greek Gourmet cuisine alongside international culinary inspirations.
  • Specials: Lobster night every Thursday.
  • Hours: Open from 19:00 to 23:00.
  • Dress Policy: Long trousers for gentlemen, including young guests above 12, during dinner.
  • Reservation: Required at least a day in advance via the Reception​​.

Archipelagos Main Restaurant:

  • Offers a range of flavours from the depths of the Mediterranean​​.

Koi Restaurant:

  • Provides a taste of Asian cuisine​​.

Elia & Tramonto:

  • Details on cuisine offerings for these restaurants were not specified in the sources, but they are listed among the dining options at the Atrium Platinum Hotel​​.

Ambiance and Views:

  • The restaurants, particularly Porfyra, offer breathtaking views, especially during sunset, enhancing the dining experience​​.
  • The Atrium Platinum hotel invites guests to dine al fresco or enjoy a selection of fruit-infused cocktails at the hotel’s atmospheric bars, all while taking in the stunning views of Ixia Bay and its surroundings​​.
Atrium Platinum Hotel Ixia

Additional Information:

The hotel offers various bars for guests to enjoy drinks and cocktails while experiencing Rhodes town’s vibrant nightlife.

The Atrium Platinum Hotel has earned a wonderful rating of 9.3 on, indicating a high level of guest satisfaction​​.

The Atrium Platinum Hotel in Ixia, Rhodes offers a luxurious and enjoyable dining experience. With gourmet food, stunning views, and a pleasant atmosphere, it’s truly a place to indulge. Indulge in the Mediterranean flavours at the Archipelagos Main Restaurant, savour Lobster night at Porfyra, or experience Asian cuisine at Koi. The Atrium Platinum Hotel promises a delightful gastronomic adventure.

Luviana Restaurant – Mixing Taste with Style

In Rhodes Sea Villas Ixia, Luviana Restaurant is a dream place for food lovers. The outdoor setting of the restaurant boasts awe-inspiring views that enhance the dining experience. What sets Luviana apart is the personalized dining service it offers. Guests have the luxury to request special dishes, which are promptly crafted to perfection by the adept chefs on site. One of the highlighted dishes on their menu is a savoury egg noodle filled with a hearty mixture of beef and chicken, baked to perfection with a rich meat and cream sauce.

Luviana Restaurant Ixia

Valentina’s Place – A Comfy Spot for Easy-going Meals

Located a short walk from Ixia Beach, Valentina’s Place has garnered a reputation for being a delightful spot for casual meals, catering to both locals and visitors alike. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

Location and Contact:

  • Address: Leof. Iraklidon, 851 01 Greece.
  • Contact: +30 694 894 7911.
  • Email:
  • The restaurant is situated 2.1 miles from the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes​​.

Food Offerings:

  • Cuisine: The restaurant serves Mediterranean, European, and Greek cuisines. They offer a variety of fast food options as well as bar services.


  • Known for having some of the best Greek salad and gyros pita in Rhodes.
  • The menu also highlights halloumi pitta, chicken pitta, and a range of tuna sandwiches.
  • Customers have appreciated their tuna salad as well​​.


Valentina’s Place is known for its comfortable atmosphere, making it a great choice for relaxed, easy-going meals. The restaurant’s cozy setup is often commended by patrons.

The establishment is family-owned and is located along the attractive coast of Rhodes Island, providing a beautiful sunset view which customers can enjoy along with homemade snacks, smoothies, and ice creams​​.

Dietary Options:

  • The restaurant is vegetarian-friendly and offers vegan options as well.
  • Meals are served during breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours​​.

Additional Features:

The restaurant features outdoor seating, allowing guests to enjoy the beautiful Greek weather. It also serves alcohol, making it a nice spot for those looking to relax with a drink​​.

With a broad menu encompassing Mediterranean, European, and Greek foods, coupled with a cosy atmosphere and beautiful location, Valentina’s Place stands out as a top choice for both local people and visitors in Ixia.

Valentina's Place Ixia

Finding New Tastes at Wonder

Wonder is a cozy restaurant located in Rhodes Town, known for its variety of tasty dishes from Asian, International, Mediterranean, and Scandinavian kitchens. It’s at Eleftheriou Venizelou 16-18, Rhodes Town 85100, Greece, where each visit opens up a new tasty journey in a comfy setting. Famous for its unique menu, visitors will enjoy a fun food experience with every dish made to spark a sense of food wonder, making it a favourite place for those who love food.

Looking at Different Restaurants Near Ixia Beach

Besides these, there are many other restaurants near Ixia Beach, each with its own special way of eating. With good words on places like TripAdvisor, these restaurants in Pefkos Rhodes and Ialyssos Rhodes bring a mix of tastes, making the food scene in Ixia Rhodes Restaurants exciting and colourful.

Eating by the sea in Ixia, Rhodes is not just about filling your belly, it’s an exciting trip that touches your heart. The pretty views, the yummy smells, and the friendly Greek people make Ixia a real tasty heaven in Europe. Whether it’s a romantic dinner under the stars or a big meal with family, the restaurants in Ixia Rhodes promise a meal time that is as pretty as the beautiful scenes around it.

In addition, near Ixia Beach you’ll find restaurants like “Sirtaki Restaurant” known for its homely atmosphere and authentic Greek cuisine, “Sofistirion Quality Restaurant” that offers traditional Greek food, “Phillips Bar” known for its contemporary and healthy dishes, and “Soul Kitchen Lab” popular for its excellent food on the go. Each of these places adds a unique flavour to the dining experience in Ixia, making every meal a memorable adventure.

Soul Kitchen Lab Ixia

So, when you plan your next European holiday, remember to put Ixia, Rhodes on your list. The magical beachside eating fun here will make your trip one to remember.