Discover the Best Perpignan Beaches

If you’re eager to explore the finest Perpignan beaches in France, you’re in for a treat. In this guide, we’ll unveil the allure of the beaches near Perpignan, showcasing the best beaches near Perpignan that offer diverse experiences to delight beachgoers.

1. La Franqui – A Haven for Water sport

For the best windsurfing experiences on the Perpignan beach, head to La Franqui, the northernmost jewel in Perpignan’s coastal crown. Situated equidistant between Perpignan and Narbonne, it’s renowned for being one of the best beaches near Perpignan and perfect for water sports. Windsurfers love La Franqui’s two beaches: Coussoules Beach, a large expanse of flat, sandy landscape near the lovely old village. Besides, Le Grazel Plage, a unique two-sided beach between the sea and an inland lake.

Annually hosting the “Mondial du Vent,” a grand windsurfing, sand yachting, kiting, and kitesurfing tournament, La Franqui welcomes enthusiasts from around the world. La Franqui’s pine-covered headland, La Sorcière, evokes the French Riviera despite the windy conditions.

How to get from Perpignan to La Franqui – From Perpignan, you can catch a train to Narbonne. The journey takes approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on the type of train you choose.

In Narbonne, you’ll need to change to a regional train (TER) towards Port-la-Nouvelle. La Franqui is just a short train ride away from Narbonne.

2. Leucate Plage – A Coastal Gem with a Rich History

Leucate Plage, situated between Port Nouvelle and Le Barcarès, is a vast expanse dotted with beach houses and lush trees, and it’s one of the best beaches near Perpignan. It was settled by Ancient Greeks and then occupied by Spanish Kings during their dominance over Perpignan.

Windsurfers love Leucate Plage’s windy conditions, but its main beach, with a seaside pontoon, is stunning. However, the beach’s surrounding trees add an extra layer of charm, making it perfect for leisurely strolls and people-watching.

How to get from Perpignan to Leucate Plage – In Perpignan, you can catch a train at the main train station, which is known as “Perpignan Railway Station” or “Gare de Perpignan” in French, heading to Leucate-Leucate Plage railway station. The journey typically takes around 30-40 minutes, depending on the train type.

Once you arrive at the Leucate-Leucate Plage railway station, you can either walk to Leucate Plage if it’s nearby or take a short bus ride to reach the beach.

3. Le Barcarès – A Coastal Village with a Unique Vibe

Le Barcarès presents a coastal village atmosphere, offering a refreshing change from the bustling resorts of Port Leucate and Port Barcares. This expansive beach, adorned with iconic leaning palm trees, is exceptionally broad, ensuring there’s always room for everyone.

Le Barcarès is not just a pretty face; it’s home to numerous bars, restaurants, and shops, with attractions for the little ones. The nearby port allows jet ski rentals, and you can even try your hand at mini-golf. During December, Le Grand Plage transforms into a bustling Christmas market, a sight to behold.

This location offers over 8 kilometres of sandy beaches, including a pine forest that envelops the coastline. For those who can’t stay put on the beach for too long, numerous trails through the forest and a 10 km bike path await your exploration.

How to get from Perpignan to Le Barcarès – From Perpignan, take a train to Narbonne. The train journey typically takes around 20-30 minutes.

In Narbonne, transfer to a bus service heading to Le Barcarès. The bus will take you to Le Barcarès and is a convenient way to reach this destination.

4. Torreilles Beach – A Natural Oasis with Stunning Views

Torreilles Beach stands out as one of the most captivating Perpignan France beaches, and it’s among the best beaches near Perpignan. This beach is a perfect choice for those who love a wild, untouched feel, thanks to its beautiful sand dunes at the back. Additionally, it often attracts fewer people than Canet Plage does, providing a distinctive perspective of the Pyrenees afar that disrupts the uniformity of the sand.

You’ll also find one or two beach bars at the back of the beach, providing a great spot to take a break from the sun. To keep the kids entertained, have them collect sea shells in a bucket. Torreilles Beach is perfect for this, as it has an abundance of shells that can keep them busy for hours.

Torreilles Beach comprises three distinct sections. The North Beach was used during the Second World War as a naval defensive base, and the original concrete blockhouses are now listed as historical monuments. At the far end of the beach, the River Agly flows out into the Mediterranean.

Plage Centre is the main beach of Torreilles, and at the back of it, you’ll find the nature reserve called Camps de la Ribère. The South Beach is probably the best beach in Torreilles, with sand dunes and great views towards the Pyrenees. Part of the South Beach is reserved for naturists.

How to get from Perpignan to Torreilles Beach – The 12A bus, which can be taken from Catalogne (Point Chaud) in Perpignan, is a great option to reach Torreilles Plage. What’s particularly helpful is that the bus is equipped with live screens that display the stops and the route, making it easy for passengers to follow along and ensure they get to the beautiful Torreilles Beach with ease.

5. Canet Plage – A Family-Friendly Haven

Perpignan’s local beach, Canet Plage, is a vast expanse of fine sand that stretches for over 9 kilometres. While the beach itself may not be exceptionally remarkable, its shallow waters make it ideal for families. Canet-en-Roussillon, the larger beach resort to which Canet Plage belongs, has witnessed significant development since the mid-19th century, growing from a mere 1,200 residents to approximately 12,000.

The beach offers a wide range of activities, from jet skiing to sailing, kite surfing to scuba diving, and even beach volleyball, soccer, and rugby. Despite Canet Plage’s ‘excess’ growth, the community is attempting to clean and beautify it.

How to get from Perpignan to Canet Plage – In Perpignan, you can catch a bus to Canet Plage. There are multiple bus stops in Perpignan from where you can board a bus to Canet Plage. One of the closest stops to the city centre for VayCay Couple was Saint Jacques.

The bus from Saint Jacques takes you directly to Canet Plage, providing a convenient and affordable way to reach this beautiful beach destination.

6. St Cyprien Plage

St Cyprien’s beaches, found near Perpignan, are a perennial favourite among holidaymakers. The North and South sections of the beach tend to be quieter and stretch for miles. The backdrop of the Pyrenees on the southern side adds to the charm of these beaches.

The North beach is the largest of the three and offers ample sandy stretches for sunbathing. The central part of the beach is the bustling heart of St Cyprien Plage, boasting numerous shops and restaurants. St Cyprien is often windy, making it a magnet for kite surfers.

7. Argeles sur Mer – A Mediterranean Paradise

Argeles sur Mer is a broad, sweeping bay in the South of France, offering stunning views of the Pyrenees and the warm Mediterranean. This splendid beach near Perpignan has received a Blue Flag award, signifying the quality of its water and the cleanliness of its shores. Argeles-sur-Mer has evolved into a major Mediterranean beach resort, complete with excellent facilities and a bustling harbour area.

The town itself boasts superb restaurants and delightful shops, making it a desirable destination. Argeles sur Mer beach is located at the top end of the Cote Vermeille, the only east-facing coastline in France, resulting in sun-drenched, sandy beaches framed by the Pyrenees. Argeles sur Mer offers three distinct beaches, each with its unique appeal.

8. Collioure – A Coastal Treasure with a Charming Town

Collioure, with its three quaint beaches, deserves a top spot on the list of best beach resorts near Perpignan. While these beaches may be small and occasionally crowded, the views of the tranquil sea and the Pyrenees are simply spectacular.

Moreover, Collioure’s delightful town, replete with restaurants, boutiques, and art trails, provides endless amusement. It’s an excellent destination for a day with the family, combining sunbathing, swimming, shopping, and sightseeing.

In summary, the Perpignan beaches offer diverse experiences for a great location in Europe, catering to water sport enthusiasts, families, travelling couples and nature lovers alike. Whether you seek thrilling windsurfing adventures or calm afternoons by the sea, these coastal gems have something special in store for you.

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