What To Wear in Italy in 2024

We’ve been fortunate enough to experience every season in the enchanting landscapes of Italy, a country that truly feels like a second home to us. Over the years, our adventures have taken us from the fashionable streets of Milan to the charming villages around Lake Como, and much more. Here’s our comprehensive guide to what outfits to wear in Italy throughout 2024, based on our cherished experiences.

Winter Wonder in the North (December to February)

Our winter escapades in Italy often begin in the stylish city of Milan, where the fashion is as important as the temperature. Even in the chilly months, when temperatures can hover around 5°C, the Milanese style remains impeccable. Choose warm layers like a tailored wool coat, stylish boots, and a chic scarf. Venturing to Lake Como, you’ll find yourself amidst a serene, frost-kissed landscape. Here, and in picturesque villages like Bellagio, Cernobbio, and Menaggio, it’s essential to dress warmly. Padded jackets, thermal wear, and waterproof footwear are ideal as you explore these winter wonderlands. For those planning a compact getaway with just hand luggage, versatile outfits are key. Consider packing essentials like a classic coat, versatile sweaters, and comfortable yet stylish boots. Opting for a larger luggage allows for more options, including additional layers like scarves and gloves for added warmth during your Lake Como winter adventure.

Spring Surprises (March to June)

Spring brings a palette of blooming flowers and milder temperatures, especially appealing in the coastal town of Genoa. Despite some locals still wrapped in coats and scarves, the climate is pleasantly mild, typically between 17-20°C. For such weather, a light jacket over a dress or a fine-knit sweater paired with chinos works perfectly. As you explore further along the Riviera, visiting gems like Portofino, you can often get away with a summer dress or a simple T-shirt and shorts combo for men, especially as the mercury edges towards 20°C. When considering what to wear in Italy, and particularly what to wear in Rome or during a trip in April, opt for versatile, light outfits that can be easily layered. If you are travelling with just hand luggage, pack items like lightweight dresses, fine-knit jumpers, and foldable chinos that don’t take up much space yet offer flexibility for Italy’s varied spring climate. These Italy summer outfits will ensure you’re comfortably stylish while navigating the delightful Italian vistas.

Sizzling Summers in the South (July to September)

Summers can be fiercely hot, especially in the southern parts of Italy, with temperatures soaring between 30-40°C. During our stay from July through September in Rome, light and airy clothing was essential. Women can beat the heat in flowy dresses and sun hats, while men might prefer breathable linen shirts and shorts. Though the temperature remains high through September, evenings may require a lightweight jacket or a shawl as a nod to the cooler breezes. When considering what to wear in Italy, particularly in tourist hubs like Venice and Rome, selecting Italy summer outfits that are both stylish and practical is crucial. For those travelling with only hand luggage, packing essentials such as versatile sundresses, lightweight linen shirts, and comfortable shorts is ideal. These items not only help manage the heat but also fit easily into limited luggage space, ensuring you’re well-prepared for Italy’s balmy summer months.

Autumn Adventures (October to November)

Autumn in Italy is as vibrant as it is tranquil, with the crowds thinning and the landscapes bursting with autumnal hues of gold, russet, and amber. This season offers an ideal time to explore the scenic beauty of places like Tuscany or revisit the fashionable streets of Milan. Daytime temperatures are generally mild enough for comfortable sightseeing in light layers such as long-sleeve tops in earthy tones and soft, light sweaters in rich burgundy or olive green. However, mornings and evenings can be brisk, making it wise to carry a medium jacket in neutral shades like taupe or navy. Footwear should be comfortable yet stylish—think leather boots or cushioned flats perfect for navigating those charming, cobbled streets.

When planning what to wear in Rome, Italy, in October, or deciding what to wear to Italy in September, versatility in your wardrobe is key. If travelling for only a few days with just hand luggage, essential items to pack include a versatile jacket, a couple of long-sleeve tops, a light sweater, and stylish yet practical footwear. These items will not only help you blend seamlessly into the Italian aesthetic but also provide comfort and functionality as you enjoy the autumn season. Incorporating elements of Italy’s summer outfits, such as breathable fabrics and lighter colours, can also be practical as the weather transitions from the warmth of September to the cooler days of October.

Packing Tips for Every Season

No matter the season, always prepare for the unexpected. A foldable umbrella and a versatile scarf can be invaluable accessories year-round. Sunscreen is a must-have during the sunnier months, and always carry a bottle of water to stay hydrated.


Dressing for the weather in Italy is as much about comfort as it is about style. Whether you’re strolling through the historic centres or enjoying a gelato by the sea, the right outfit can enhance your experience. With these tips, you’ll not only look the part but also enjoy every moment of your Italian getaway in 2024, just as we have every time we visit our beloved second home.

Happy travels and stylish adventures, from one VayCay Couple to another!